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GanttPRO project resource management software

Resource management tools of GanttPRO

From allocating members and increasing productivity to calculating and managing costs - businesses benefit from our project planning and scheduling software in three major ways.

Online project planning tool

You delegate project management to one project and resource management app. Here all the resources, costs, and capacities are always at hand and can be easily managed.

With our software, a schedule template can be shared with your team and clients. Your team members have access to project plans in a common working space. Once your team's space is shared, our software handles planning and team management.

Resource planning tool

Team management is never easy. Our software lets you centralize resources across all projects and assign tasks to them basing on costs and capacities.

The resource management software helps when you need to add resources to your project plan. With our software, you always know for which task your colleague is already taken and how to allocate resources to finish the project without any delays.

Project cost and resource management tool

Develop winning price-result combinations with the resource management tools of GanttPRO. Our resource scheduling software calculates project and group of tasks costs automatically by multiplying actual time spent on tasks by costs of resources.

Reallocate tasks and team members assigned to them. GanttPRO will tell which the best combination is and how you can reduce costs.

Interactive and flexible resource planning

Due to its flexibility, GanttPRO is popular among teams from different spheres and industries: construction, software development, education, design, marketing, management, etc.

We help teams work on project and resource planning, access and visualize their strategic and tactical plans in one place. Our interactive project planning software allows our users to track changes across all projects and easily evaluate the effectiveness.

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